I present you my CV/profile/bio as an underground map. I imagine you are looking at it as I have asked to work with you. Its meant to be ask full and as honest as it can be for something online. Any project that I plan to do with you I want to give you as much information as possible.

In short my life has tried to find its meaning in Art and political struggle. My main mediums are Stone, Drums, Poetry, Activism . I think the underground map shows this clear. I have also had a thousand shit jobs to pay the bills but I count that as my time of unemployment although they have all greatly informed my artistic expression. My work has largely been unpaid. Occasionally money and real work go together such as teaching or stone working.

I feel in love with Art very young and it has never let me down. I believe our struggle to be creative is the essence of being human there is more to life but not much more.

Solidarity and and trying my best is what I go for, I am far from perfect but I am sure that is something we have in common.

To see maybe see my most up to date activities check out my social media or contact me at Outa-space.com