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International Arts and Class Struggle.

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Collaboration, Process, Inspiration and writing the script of Art (Ep3.5)

Picture1We speak to up and coming script writer Alison Raynor from New Zealand. We look into her inspirations and process of creation in making films and how that streams from her experiences and  other artistic work in Sculpture and design. Up in the space-station commentary we explore how collaboration in art is just humanity in process.

Creative productivity in modern life (ep.3.4)

graham AllcotWe interview Graham Allcott founder of “Think Productive” and author of the best selling book “How to be a productive Ninja”. We talk about the role of creativity and art in our daily modern lives and how it impacts on our work and well being. We also start a journey with Graham as he starts to write his latest book on the role of “Kindness” in working life.

Going deep into the process – Games Part 3 (Ep 3.3)

Mike Hass 3This is the 3rd part of our interview with Mike Haas game creator. We go deep into how the gaming world impacts and interacts on our Society. What are Infinite and finite games?. What are games as a service? If the left is going to respond to games in capitalism we need to understand what is going on? and what’s good and what’s bad for the class struggle. Rob and Paul in the space-station get into the mental health of it all.


Ben Davis part 2In this second part of our Interview with Ben Davis the author of “9.5 theses on art and class” we delve into themes such as evolution, aesthetics, propaganda in art from a left perspective and ask the question how the artist will get organised in the next period.


Art and Class part 1. (Ep3.1)

Ben DavisWe talk to Ben Davis, author of “9.5 theses on art and class” about the central theme of his influential book about what is the marxist view of class relationship of today’s artist to capitalism. This is the first part of a double episode interview.

Dyslexia and Art – One word space-station special

DsyleixaWe explore the word “dyslexia” and how it informs the creative process. Paul and Rob then take a journey through the education system, criminology, Surrealism, original thought theories, cognitivity in the brain and much more to ask the question is dyslexia learning difficulty or is it a super power.

The struggle for the Breonna Talyor graffiti sculpture. (Ep 2.12)

Leo CarsonWe talk to Leo Carson an artist from Oakland USA about the dramatic events around the monument he placed to Breonna Taylor. Breonna was killed by police and became a symbolic figure in the  black life’s matter movement in the US in 2020. The creation of Leo´s graffiti sculpture has important lessons for artists and activists alike.

Unionising Artists! – Roses for all …. and bread too.

Theresa EastonWe interviewed Theresa Easton, one of the founders of Artist union England. We spoke about how we can organise as artists to build our collective strength and overcome the isolation and individualism. . How do we empower ourselves to enforce good working practices, get paid and also fight for the defence and freedom of art.

Cyprus theatre – New struggles from Ancient places (Ep. 2.10)

CyprusWe interview Eleni Ioannou, a scenographer about a recent movement that developed with artists on the politically and culturally rich Island of Cyprus. This is the third investigation from the podcast in this series on the state of international theatre and especially the effects of the covid crises on the work and consciousness of artists.

Gamification, Can we win? (Ep. 2.9)

Games 2In this second interview with Mike Haas Artist and games developer we get into the details of how our society is increasingly turned into a game.  What is gamification doing to us and what should we do about it?

Politics of the comedy road (Ep 2.8)

dave moranWe interviewed Dave Moran (Anti-Duhring Battalion), a stand up comedian and radio broadcaster. We explore the art of comedy, its power, its politics and what importance does comedy have for the class struggle.

Food, Art and some Marxist theory (Ep2.7)

sharkyWe talk to Robert Sharkey, creative food activist about how you can connect the historical development of society to food and recipes. He connects it to one of the podcast’s key ideas that creativity starts at the beginning of being human. He also treats us to 4 of his recipes in gif format  from different key moments in history.

Catalonia and the role of art in the struggle. (Ep 2.6)

paco catalanWe discussed with Paco Márquez Carvajal an arts worker and former elected representative of Catalan anti capitalist party CUP. We discuss his political evolution though his experiences in Mexico, the radical independence movement in Catalonia and its effects on arts and culture.

Radical Chicago theatre and political struggle in the USA (Ep. 2.5)

Dustin spenceAn interview with Dustin Spence a playwright from Chicago USA, we discuss the important role of store theatres, the political movements in the USA, how this is interacting with the arts and how the theatre scene in Chicago is giving birth to new ideas in the Covid 19 era.

Can cultural workers of the world unite? International culture sector unions join forces (Ep. 2.4)

clara PaillardWe interview Clara Paillard, president of the PCS union culture sector on the initiative of Unions from the UK, France and Italy that have announced a joint declaration to fight for arts and culture that have been devastated by the capitalist economic crises. Is this the first step in a serious fightback for the arts?

What is “truth” in the modern media? (ep 2.3)

Tyler Mcnally imageWe interviewed Tyler McNally founder of The Last round media collective based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. What is the state of the modern media, journalism and how do different trends in capitalism express the news today and how alternative media needs to respond?


Games, creativity and human society (Ep 2.2)

Games 1We talk to Mike Haas from Boston USA an artist and game developer on role games play in society. This is the first part of a series of interviews investigating all sides Gaming and creativity and what socialists need to consider in the struggle to change society.

Theatre and the class struggle (ep 2.1)

townsendWe spoke to the radical theatre group Townsend productions from the UK on the work they do, what inspires them and how art tells the stories of the workers movement that we need to know for future struggles. We also review their latest podcast performance on the spanish civil war “Dare Devil rides to Jarama” and play a track from their

what have we done end of seris one


What have we done and where are we going? (Ep10)

In this podcast we get the team together in the space station to see what we think of our first 10 shows, revaluate our art hypothesis and set our future targets…we really think we got a show you should listen to.  The music in this week is a medley of the last 10 shows.

Black lives matter the legacy of the panthers and arts role in the struggle (Ep-9)

EljeerInterview with Eljeer Hawkins

We spoke with Eljeer and revolutionary activists from Harlem, USA about where the struggle against racism is at today, its internationalism, what are the lessons from history and how the symbolism of art is central to the discussions.

futuroVista on the border of hell

Interview with Futuro Berg Fredes

We talk to Futuro, a photographer and filmmaker from Chile, on his documentation of 3 of the world’s notorious refugee camps in France, Greece and Mexico. Why do these places exist and what right does art have to be there. He explains why he is inspired to tell the stories and why we need to hear them.

david MackBeing-alone-misunderstood-and-depressed-an-artistic-resource ? (ep-7)

Interview with  David Mackenzie

In this interview we talk to David a music composer and delve into his inspiration for his creative work to find the meaning of the artistic mind and how it responds to this world we live in.

Daniel TerresDivided Sweden P2 – Zero Tolerance graffiti and art representation (Ep6)

Interview with Daniel Terres 

We talk to Daniel, an Arts worker and social activist about the cultural segregation in the suburbs of Sweden, racism and violent gentrification. What is it about the aesthetics of street art the establishment is scared of?

kristpher LDivided Sweden Part 1 -The Hammerkullen model (ep5)

Interview with Kristopher Lundberg

We talk to Kristpher about how the struggles of the working class community of  Hammerkullen use arts and culture centrally to build the political fightback and why the establishment wants to stop the Hammerkullen model being an example to us all.

Suz Muna

Portraits of a trade unionist

Interview with Suzanne Muna

We talk to Suzanne about her fascinating portraits of people in the lockdown and how it ties with her political outlook, how time allows us to develop our work and ideas, and what role can art play in changing society. Suzanne website  http://www.squashdonkey.org

The Role of the working class artist (ep.3)

Interview with Joe Solo

Joe solo 3Joe talks about how he connects working class history through stories of humanity and is asked what is the place of the artists in the labour movement.
Commentary from the space station from Paranoid Paul.
Music in this episode is “no pasaran” by Joe Solo.

Killed by cops (Ep. 2)

Natalia medinaInterview with Natalia Medina
Natalia talks about the murder of her uncle Walter Medina by the Police in 8th July 1973 in Uruguay while he wrote political graffiti on a wall, the arts festival they have every year to remember him and how they link it to todays struggles.
Music in this episode comes from Uruguayan rapper Viki Style.
Main event is Fagersjöskogen, Stockholm, 12July, 15h
More activities online at @BadArtSverige

The Revolutionary nurse that wrote poetry (Ep.1)

Jac berry logoThe Revolutionary nurse that wrote poetry (Ep.1)
Interview with Jac Berry – England.
In this episode we discuss with Jac about her creative activity while she worked as a intensive care nurse during covid 19. Including issues such as creating clear messages, the role of the workers movement and creativity, who is and isn’t an artist, do hairy legs matter and who is best qualified to make the coffee.
Comments from the space station and music from System Kicker – “See the Danger”

Prelude to Outa-space, the shape of things to come (Ep 0)

prelude the shape of things to come logoThis podcast was made as a test. We put it out as a warm up to explain the hypothesis of the broadcast. We are living in a world of crises, plagues and wars. We have to get our shit together otherwise barbarism and eventually extinction is our future. In Outa-space we are going to explore some key questions around the direction of our future, the class struggle, role of art and how we challenge Capitalism’s roller coaster ride to doom. This podcast is a modest start hopefully you get something from it especially the shape on the show, a major interview, comment and some music.

From Punk to Choirs – the power of song Outa-Space

We interviewed Bruno Coffineau, a choir leader, composer and musician from France about the choir Le Cri du Choeur. We spoke about the power of common song and the message of internationalism and social change it creates.   https://chorale.lecriduchoeur.org
  1. From Punk to Choirs – the power of song
  2. Organising with a 30 person megaphone
  3. Accessing your freedom
  4. Organising under the banner of Solidarity in the contemporary art economy
  5. Historic memory, spanish civil war, contemporary struggles and the experience of a woman