Art is the struggle to be a human being. It’s the moment that we are faced with a problem and have to be creative to solve it. Art is work, it’s the labour of our existence. Everybody is an artist.

Therefore all the activities I do are connected to this struggle. The Capitalist system needs to be ended and I believe a system based on socialist production is the only route to free ourselves and our art. My sole is directly and indirectly connected to this task.

My central art work is to help build the movement of revolutionary artists Internationally and continue with my participation art projects. I do this with organizing, outa-space podcast, community participation monuments and creative teaching/workshops. I am a stone mason, a sculptor, a drummer, a writer of poetry and a user of whatever material comes to hand to be human. 

An artist on a workers wage.

I need your support to be financially free to create the projects I think are important.. My monthly target is €2400 from all earnings. I will submit quarterly accounts to my patreon supporters. Anything above will be donated back to the causes I am involved in. 

Supporters will get content early, behind scene stories, see my process at work and be consulted on my direction. I will also make you something for your payment (as yet unknown hehe, lets talk) I will view you as the people I am accountable to. Thank you very much for getting on board.

Oh and finally art is about process, it’s about trying even if you’re not sure. Therefore I dont really know what I am doing with launching a patreon account. Will it be yet another social media thing that swallows up my energy and packages my creativity into a dull void of false hope… well you’ll have to sign up to find out… worth watch for as little as €1 a month.