Periphery is the centre started in May 2019 and is ongoing. It is a community art project to create participation monuments in Gothenburg, Sweden. The project is supported by Hyregastforeningen (tenant union). There are presently two connected projects running, one in Angered and other in Rannbergen, and maybe others in the future. Over 600 people have so far been involved. The project continues in Spring 2020.

The people who live on the periphery of Gothenborg are the centre. They are the life blood of the city. By ‘periphery’ it is meant not just physically those who live in the working class housing estates that surround the city, but those who are on the periphery in general whether it be by class, gender, race, or social situation, like refugees and immigrants. This project is about saying those who are pushed to the edge of society should be recognised, for we are the majority. We run society. We are the centre.
The main idea of the artwork is to celebrate our unity and diversity and together create a monument to struggle and internationalism of the people of the periphery.

Such a lot took place in summer 2019 and so many people were involved there will be more posts soon. You can follow on Facebook.

Here is a video of process and plans made by a local resident.